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Mississippi Cattledog Association
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Newsletter # 1-  Newly formed Mississippi Cattledog Association to hold it's first trial-  April 24 at Larry and Trudy Bush's place! 

Mississippi Cattle Dog Association

March Newsletter- 2004

Hello Friends and Fellow Trialers:

There's a new Cattle Dog Association!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to invite you to come to Mississippi Cattle Dog Trial Associations 1st cattle dog trial to be held April 24, 2004, in Morton, Mississippi.

This will be a USBCHA Sanctioned trial. I have enclosed a map and membership application.

Wayne Gandy, Carroll Allen and myself feel that it is time to have a cattle dog association here in Mississippi. We want to strive to help the beginner handler have a place to start and learn which will be a Beginner Class; Non-Pro Class, (handler that has not earned money for training a dog), Novice Class, for the dog that has not won a National or State title; Nursery Class, for dogs (under 36 months); Open Class, Open to any dog or any handler.

We have a new web-site and you can visit it at:


Hope to see you!

Happy Trialing,

Trudy Bush





Newsletter # 2-  Another trial- LSCDF,MCDA & USBCHA sanctioned
May 22nd- Larry & Trudy's place- Morton, MS

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