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Mississippi Cattledog Association
Upcoming Events and Results-


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For more information on entering-  contact: 
TRUDY OR LARRY BUSH at (601) 732-2284

Upcoming Events-
MAY 22nd-  2nd Cattledog trial at Larry & Trudy's in Morton, MS.
This will be an arena trial- time and points.  The classes offered and descriptions are listed below:
Classes Offered at the MCDA trails:
OPEN-  (open to any handler and dog)
NON-PRO- (open to any handler who has never taken money for training a dog)
NOVICE- (for any DOG who has never won a state or national title)
NURSERY-(for any dog 36 months old or younger)
BEGINNING HANDLER- (this is for the handler who is just starting out or has had limited trialing- the handler may take his/her dog in the arena on a line, if they choose)
BEGINNING HANDLER is to help those handlers who are just starting out and want to be able to show their dog and gain some experience in the arena.
ENTRY FEES will be $25.00 per dog.
M.C.A. membership fees will be $20.00 for individuals, $25.00 for families.


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Recent Events-
Mississippi Inaugural Trial- Morton, MS April 24, 2004
The trial was well attended and challenging. Trialers had the opportunity to run for MCDA, LSCDF and USBCHA points at this trial.Spectators were welcome and plentiful.  We even had a couple from New Orleans take the time from their busy schedule to drive up and watch some really good dogs work. Handlers from Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama made the trip.  At the lunch break, everyone gathered to wish Mr. Wayne Gandy "Happy Birthday".  The cake, complete with cattle and border collies to decorate it, was then happily enjoyed by trialers and spectators alike.  We're all looking forward to the next trial already! Below is the results:
Open - 17 dogs

1. Chip Atkins - Jake

2. Kyle Ellis - Josh

3. Trudy Bush - Doc

4. Larry Innerarity - Beau

5. Brice Allsup - Glenn

6. Kyle Ellis - Jay


1. Donald Allsup - Dale

2. Brandon Ellis - Kip

3. Frank Downey - Daniel

4. Terry Toney - Bryn


1. Jim Chandler - Lad

2. Tommy Morman - Boss

3. Tommy Morman - Callie

4. Terry Toney - Bryn


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